About Us

Who We Are

BRU Education is the disclosed agent of over 1000 of qualified and experienced teachers, across the MP & CG. We aim to provide the highest quality of service to families and to teachers; providing high quality home tuition and the very best outcomes for learners; whilst also offering a professional rewarding experience for teachers.

What We Do

Tuition is largely an unregulated profession, with many tuition agencies and websites offering undergraduates, students, retired academics and others, as tutors.¬†We believe that qualified teachers provide the highest quality of tuition. Our teachers are not just tutors, who support learning: they are professional teachers, who direct learning. Our teachers are subject specialists; experienced, energetic … and up-to-date with an ever-changing curriculum, and the current requirements of exam boards and specifications.

The very best teachers to do not simply tell or explain or demonstrate: they inspire and they change lives

We are fortunate to have the energy and enthusiasm of so many committed teachers that we can introduce you to. We believe that teachers do it best… and this is what we are about.

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